Nicole Singer is a musician, teacher, organizer, dancer, and artist. Nicole has taught visual art at public elementary and middle schools in western Massachusetts for over ten years, living her childhood dream of becoming an artsy version of Miss Frizzle. When she’s not teaching art, she sings a lot, and organizes several song events. Nicole is a co-founder and organizer of Youth Traditional Song Weekend, co-author of CDSS’s Folk Sing Starter Kit (with Julia Friend), and the chairwoman of folk music and song programming for NEFFA. As a teacher and organizer, Nicole loves geeking out about fostering intergenerational communities and making sessions welcoming and enjoyable for all, with a particular focus on anti-racism and inclusion. As an artist, she is primarily a potter, and as a singer, she specializes in sea music, but she also sings shape note songs, ballads, kids’ songs, rounds, camp songs, pub songs  – anything that gets people singing together! She is delighted to be joining Family Week for both art and singing, and you’ll see her on the dance floor too.