In this ever-changing pandemic landscape, the health of our community remains our top priority. As we prepare for camps, we will monitor CDC and local governmental guidance and policies to determine what protocols we should have in place.

Additional protocols may be added as the camp season approaches.

If you have questions about these guidelines, please email

As of March 25, 2024:

  • Up-to-date vaccinations for COVID-19 are recommended but not required for CDSS camp sessions
  • Up-to-date vaccination is considered both
    • Two doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccine or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine plus two weeks
    • At least one booster within one year of the start of your camp session.
  • Recommended: test 24-48 hours prior to arrival at camp
    • All campers are strongly encouraged to take a rapid antigen test within 24-48 hours prior to arrival at camp.  We recommend taking a PCR or NAAT test where possible.
  • Required: bring a minimum of four rapid antigen tests per person to camp
    • There will be rounds of testing 24 and 48 hours after the start of your session. If anyone tests positive while at camp, additional rounds may be required.
  • Required: self-administered rapid antigen test upon arrival at camp
    • Campers must self-test with a rapid antigen test upon arrival at camp and during the session as directed by the CDSS staff.
    • Additional testing may be implemented due to increased COVID-19 transmission levels or emergence of a more severe variant.
  • Masking is optional for all camp sessions.
    • Masking is recommended, but not required, for the first 24 hours of camp or until everyone tests negative.
    • If conditions change or anyone tests positive at camp, masking will be required.
    • Masks are welcome for as long as anyone wants or needs to wear them. 
  • Required: Bring a supply of high-filtration masks (N-95, KN-95, etc).
    • Bring enough for everyone in your party to mask for multiple days, if needed. 
    • At Pinewoods sessions, campers may be asked by Pinewoods staff to wear high-filtration masks while working in the kitchen or dining hall.
Precautions Before Camp
  • To reduce the likelihood of spreading infection, we recommend that campers wear masks in any indoor public setting the week prior to camp.
Pinewoods Attestation