“I mused over the last year that re-starting the music and dance scene would involve more kitchen junkets and porch gatherings than big dances and festivals.”

–Andy Davis
August 19-26, 2023 // Plymouth, MA
Where YOU are the defining ingredient

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Program Description

Campers’ Week is ever-changing yet somehow always the same. Our traditions, our family of campers, and our willingness to try almost anything makes new memories and keeps many campers coming back year after year. Couples, singles, and families are all welcome to join in.

The fun of the week that is that everyone works together to build a program centered on the skills and passions of the multi-generational community which fosters leadership and creativity for all.  We invite you to join us and be part of what makes Campers’ Week magical!

We start and end each day gathering together as a camp to enjoy performances, dancing, singing, stories, and silliness led by the campers and staff. The basic schedule includes a block of morning classes when younger campers join with others of their age for classes in music and dance, while the rest of us choose from dance, music, song, crafts and whatever else people dream up. Teens are encouraged to join in adult activities, and also have a daily class of their own. Each evening includes a dance where we enjoy a lively combination of American and English social dances. The fun carries on into the night with events including skit night, an auction, a pub sing, jamming, and dancing.

In addition to classes offered by our small staff, Campers’ Week depends on campers sharing their talents with the group. Camper musicians provide the heartbeat of our week while others offer their own classes, workshops, and imaginations to fill out the week’s schedule.

Come join us! We can’t wait to see you in the woods!

~Anna & Dennis Soloway, Program Directors


Class Descriptions


All-Camp Gathering


Ages 0-3: Music and Movement with Sally Rogers

We will play with things like boxers, scarves and shakers as well as sing and do fingerplays when possible.

Ages 4-6: Mini Maestros & Masterpieces with Hannah Naiman

We’ll fill the hour together with singing games, stories, dances, songs, and artwork too!  

Ages 7-9: Song, Dance and Story with Andy Davis

This class will be a potpourri of stories, songs, dances and games. We will be active participants in the folk traditions by learning, creating and sharing. Bring an instrument, a song to share, a joke or a family story. And don’t forget some good shoes for dancing and going on adventures!

Ages 10-12: Morris Dance with Gillian Stewart

Learn the chestnuts of Cotswold Morris for mass dances and Dancing With the Elders

Ages 13 & up: English Country Dance For All with Sue Rosen

We’ll explore the wide range of wonderful and accessible English country dances from the traditional barn dance to the treasured Playford repertoire and the more recent gems from both sides of the pond. With glorious music, we’ll have fun and dance beautifully.

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes


Ages 4-6: Songs and Stories with Sally Rogers

We will sing, do some singing games, and connect them with some possible art projects.

Ages 7-9: Longsword and Crafts with Sarah Henry

Learn the ancient art of English longsword dancing, blending teamwork, patterns, and music, with lots of room for our own creativity.  A special craft project is in store as well!

Ages 10-12: Social Dance, Song, and Story with Andy Davis

Social dances old and new (square, contra, and English), songwriting and group storytelling. Bring an instrument if you have one. Be prepared to create!

Ages 13-15: Rapper with Gillian Stewart

“Ah, folk dance camp, where parents send their teenagers to classes where they learn to do barroom dancing with swords. It will be fun! And safe! As long as you can count to 8, you’ll be fine.”

Ages 13 & up: Contras and Squares Workshop with Hannah Naiman

Let’s revisit old favourites, try out some new ones, and most importantly, relish in dancing together again.  The focus of this week’s class is to reconnect, rebuild and rejoice! All levels are welcome. We’ll have a mixture of contras, old-time and New England squares, and there will be opportunities for camper callers to take the mic each day.  For a special treat, we’ll work towards learning a set number of dances over the course of the week to be danced without a caller – like in the oldest of days!

Camper-led classes


Quiet Hour
Camper-led classes


Ages 13 & up: Callers Workshop with Sue Rosen

Do you think you might want to be a caller? Have you written a dance you’d like us to try out? Come and hear what callers talk about, take a turn at the mic, ask questions, swap ideas and resources or just come and dance with us.

Ages 13 & up: Morris Dancing For All with Gillian Stewart

Come learn the classics – the “Fathom the Bowl”s of morris dancing. We’ll work on the three or four most common morris dances so everyone can get up and dance on the last day of camp! Please wear sneakers.

Singing & Crafts on the Porch

This is a casual sing while we quilt, knit, bead, paint, etc. Bring a craft project to share and a song to ease the labors.

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes


All ages: Community Choir with Sally Rogers

We will sing multi-part songs. All participants are encouraged to bring songs to share as well!

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes


All ages: Community Band with Kathy Talvitie

A daily gathering to explore ways to make the music more dance-able and playing more joyful. All instruments welcome. 

Camper-led classes


Community Dance organized by Andy Davis

Andy will coordinate this all-camp dance. Do you call community dances? Do you like playing for lively multi-generational dances? Bring your ideas to camp, and see Andy.