“I mused over the last year that re-starting the music and dance scene would involve more kitchen junkets and porch gatherings than big dances and festivals.”

–Andy Davis
August 17-24, 2024 // Plymouth, MA
Where YOU are the defining ingredient

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Program Description

Campers’ Week is a multi-generational week propelled by the talents, curiosity, and skills of its campers. Every camper—whether they have decades of history or are brand new to the community—is invited to teach, offer, learn, and share as our week progresses. 

We revel in rediscovering the delights of our year-after-year traditions and eagerly look forward to the new songs, dances, crafts, and stories each new year brings. A small staff of Campers’ Week veterans guides campers in specific activities and provides expertise to help camper-led offerings come to life. 

Each day is book-ended with all-camp gatherings, where campers of all ages sing, dance, and share together. A variety of classes are offered by both staff and campers during daylight hours, and we close out each evening with a dance, which often leads into camper-led late night entertainment. 

So pack your instrument, your voice, your dance shoes, your costume supplies, and your sense of adventure. There is room at the mic for everyone at Campers’ Week, and we hope to see you there!

Come join us! We can’t wait to see you in the woods!

~Anna & Dennis Soloway, Program Directors


Arrival & Departure

Saturday Arrival Schedule:
3:00 pmThe earliest you can start arriving at camp
4:30-6:00Welcome Party & lifeguard on duty for swimming
6:00 Tour of Camp starting from the Camphouse
7:45Orientation gathering
8:15Bedtime for ages 9 & under
8:45-10:00Opening night dance
9:20Bedtime for ages 10-12
10:15Program planning party!
Saturday Departure Schedule: 
7:45-8:15 amBreakfast
10:00 amFinal departure

Daily Schedule

7:45 amBreakfast
9:00-9:50Class Period 1
11:00-11:45Class Period 2
12:00 pmLunch
1:30-2:20Class Period 3 and swimming
2:30-3:20Class Period 4 and swimming
3:30-4:20Class Period 5
7:00Community dance
7:30-8:25Evening gathering
8:00Bedtime for ages 9 & under
8:30-10:45Evening dance
9:20Bedtime for ages 10-12
10:45 onwardAfter-dance activities

Class Descriptions


Ages 0-3: Music, Nature and Movement with Rotating Leaders– Coordinated by Dennis and Anna Soloway

We will rotate through various talented camper/teachers to welcome the morning with the littlest campers as they learn to appreciate the sensory experience that is Campers’ Week.

Ages 4-6: Dancing and designs with Hannah Naiman

We’ll fill the hour together with dances, artwork and songs!

Ages 7-9: Song, Dance, and Story with Andy Davis

This class will be a potpourri of stories, songs, dances and games. We will be active participants in the folk traditions by learning, creating and sharing. Bring an instrument, a song to share, a joke or a family story. And don’t forget some good shoes for dancing and going on adventures!

Ages 10-12: Morris Dance with Gillian Stewart

Learn the chestnuts of Cotswold morris for mass dances and Dancing With the Elders. Those who began working on their skills last year get to welcome new dancers and master their skills. New morris dancers will learn the basics and be ready to participate in the Friday morris tour!

Ages 13 & up: English Country Dance For All with Sue Rosen

We’ll explore the wide range of wonderful and accessible English country dances from the traditional barn dance to the treasured Playford repertoire and the more recent gems from both sides of the pond. With glorious music, we’ll have fun and dance beautifully.

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes

All are encouraged to join. Those under 13 may join with a parent or guardian!


All-Camp Gathering


Ages 4-6: Songs and Stories with Sally Rogers

We will sing songs, listen to stories and play singing and dancing games!

Ages 7-9: Longsword and Crafts with Sarah Henry

Learn the ancient art of English longsword dancing, blending teamwork, patterns, and music, with lots of room for our own creativity.  A special craft project is in store as well!

Ages 10-12: Social Dance, Song, and Story with Andy Davis

Social dances old and new (square, contra, and English), songwriting and group storytelling. Bring an instrument if you have one. Be prepared to create!

Ages 13-18: Ritual Dance with Gillian Stewart

Ritual dancing is a living tradition of performance dance and music which began in England. Dances are done in groups with some variety of swords, bells, sticks, etc. which emphasize and enhance the dancing. What type of ritual dance will we choose? Bring your shoes and show up to find out! We’ll spend the week learning new skills and working up a dance or two to share during the morris tour.

Ages 13 & up: Contras and Squares Workshop with Hannah Naiman

Let’s revisit old favourites, try out some new ones, and most importantly, relish in dancing together. the focus of this week’s class is to connect and rejoice! All levels are welcome. We’ll have a mixture of contras, old-time and New England squares, and there will be opportunities for camper callers to take the mic each day.  For a special treat, we’ll work towards learning a set number of dances over the course of the week to be danced without a caller – like in the oldest of days!

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes

All are encouraged to join. Those under 13 may join with a parent or guardian!


Quiet Hour
Ages 3-12: Community Choir with Sally Rogers

Children’s Choir for Campers aged 3-12. This is an exciting opportunity to bring the youngest campers together in song. Parent/Guardian accompaniment may be necessary depending on the camper age. More details to come!

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes

All are encouraged to join. Those under 13 may join with a parent or guardian!


Ages 13 & up: Callers Workshop with Sue Rosen

Do you think you might want to be a caller? Have you written a dance you’d like us to try out? Come and hear what callers talk about, take a turn at the mic, ask questions, swap ideas and resources or just come and dance with us.

Singing & Crafts on the Porch

This is a casual sing while we quilt, knit, bead, paint, etc. Bring a craft project to share and a song to ease the labors.

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes

All are encouraged to join. Those under 13 may join with a parent or guardian!


All Ages: Community Choir with Sally Rogers

We will sing multi-part songs. All participants are encouraged to bring songs to share as well!

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes

All are encouraged to join. Those under 13 may join with a parent or guardian!


All ages: Community Band with Kathy Talvitie

A daily gathering to explore ways to make the music more dance-able and playing more joyful. All instruments welcome. 

Ages 13 & up: Camper-led classes

All are encouraged to join. Those under 13 may join with a parent or guardian!


Community Dance organized by Andy Davis

Andy will coordinate this all-camp dance. Do you call community dances? Do you like playing for lively multi-generational dances? Bring your ideas to camp, and see Andy.

Dance Terminology

Contras and squaresPositional and Larks/Robins
English country dancePositional and Larks/Robins

Registration and Fees

Camp fees cover all accommodation, meals from dinner on the arrival day to breakfast on the departure day, and all of the various dance, music, and song events in the program.

Adults (16+)$980

You can find more information about the registration process here. If you need financial assistance in order to attend, please go to our scholarships page.


Andy Davis

Campers' Week
Andy Davis

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Campers' Week
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Campers' Week, Program Directors
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Campers' Week
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Campers' Week
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Campers' Week
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Campers' Week
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Campers' Week, English Dance Week
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