Motoring out from Plymouth, one leaves behind the neon signs, the billboards, the pavements—even the houses—to come into a gently rolling forest of low pine trees, broken only here and there by sparkling lakes. The air is pure and pine-scented. Each curve in the road beckons one on to more delightful vistas, and if at the end the road threatens to disappear almost altogether into the ferns, nevertheless one knows (if one has been there before) that there will be a cordial welcome waiting one at the end of the journey—not to speak of ample space for parking!

“Pinewoods Camp,” by Bruce Simonds, in the 1940 issue of “The Country Dancer”

CDSS has hosted camp programs at Pinewoods Camp since 1933. The camp is located on 25 acres of woodlands near Plymouth, Massachusetts, on the traditional lands of the Wampanoag people. Pinewoods provides the setting for educational vacations filled with music and dance. Spacious, wooden outdoor dance pavilions are nestled among the towering pines. Cozy two-person cabins offer accommodations between two beautiful lakes, which are ideal for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and relaxing. The main pebbly beach has a long dock, with deep-water swimming to the anchored raft offshore. Scattered along the shores of the two lakes are other, more private, entries to the water. Gatherings, parties, and concerts are held in the lakeside Camphouse, next to the main beach. The open-air, lakeside Dining Hall offers delicious meals and a congenial atmosphere for meeting new friends. With their large stone fireplaces, the Dining Hall and the Camphouse also provide warm places to gather in cooler weather. Pinewoods Camp is a fragrance-free facility.

How to Get There

Pinewoods Camp is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Campers can arrive starting at 3:00 p.m. ET on the first day of the session and should aim to arrive in time for dinner at 6:30 p.m. You can get to Plymouth by bus or train from Boston, or you can reserve a seat on our van shuttle, which picks up campers from Boston’s Logan Airport or South Station.

Driving Directions

Download a pdf of driving directions here.

The camp address is 80 Cornish Field Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360.

  • For web and GPS maps, get directions to 148 Halfway Pond Rd and then follow the “last mile” directions in this pdf.
  • For web and GPS maps, get directions to 148 Halfway Pond Rd and then follow the “last mile” directions in this pdf.
  • The last couple of miles to camp are on bumpy and winding dirt roads. We recommend arriving before dark if you can.
  • Please arrive after 3:00 p.m. ET. If you arrive between 3:00 and 6:30 on the starting afternoon, you will be met at the entrance by a greeting crew. If you arrive after 6:30, look for posted directions at the camp entrance.

Parking is limited at camp, so please carpool if you can.

Need a ride? Try posting on the Facebook Group for your week.

CDSS Van from Boston

CDSS arranges a van to pick up campers from Boston’s Logan Airport and South Station. This is great for campers flying in from across the country (and beyond!) and for people who live in or near Boston and would rather save the driving.

If you plan to take the van to camp, please book a flight or train that gets to Boston by 1:00 p.m. ET on the first day of your camp session. The van pick up is generally at around 2:00 p.m.— we’ll confirm an exact time about a week before camp starts.

We guarantee a space in the van for all bookings received at least 10 days in advance. Bookings made less than 10 days in advance will be accepted if there is space available.

There is also a van service back to Boston after camp. Vans leave Pinewoods at 9:45am  on the day of departure, suitable for domestic flights departing Logan at noon or later.  Van seats cost $50 each way.

You can reserve van seats when you register for camp or you can log into the CDSS Commons to add them to your registration later.

Public Transport

You can get as far as Plymouth, Kingston, or Bourne on public transport, but will need to book a taxi for the final leg to camp. The following companies provide services to a station close to Pinewoods:

There are a number of local taxi companies who can take you from the bus or train stations to Pinewoods. We recommend that you book in advance as these companies generally have small fleets and you won’t necessarily just be able to hail a cab outside the station.

  • Sea Breeze Taxi 508-888-0774
  • Mayflower Taxi 508-746-8294
  • You may be able to use rideshare apps such as Lyft or Uber, but we would recommend booking a taxi in advance with a local firm as the camp location is remote and service may not be available

Another option is to book an airport shuttle, useful if you’re arriving at Logan after the CDSS van leaves or if you are flying to Providence’s T.F. Green Airport, which is a similar distance. Here are some companies who offer this service:

  • Road Runner 508-759-2337
  • Veterans Livery 781-843-6000
  • GoBoston Shuttle 888-437-4379

We recommend having a copy of the driving directions to hand, as taxi and van drivers may not know the way and GPS is not always reliable.


At Pinewoods, campers stay in a variety of cabins and houses spread out in the beautiful woodlands.

Headington Cabin at Pinewoods

The majority of housing at Pinewoods is in double-occupancy, stand-alone cabins with two twin beds. Bathrooms and showers are in separate buildings nearby. Very few of the following options are also available:

  • cabin blocks with several double or single rooms in a row and shared bathrooms either attached or nearby 
  • larger houses with a variety of bedrooms on the first and second floors, bathrooms on the first floor, and a shared kitchen
  • triple- or quadruple-occupancy cabins with a twin bed for each person.

All cabins and houses have electricity and outlets in the rooms.The stand-alone double cabins tend to be quieter than rooms in blocks or shared houses.

For Family and Campers’ Weeks, housing will be assigned based on the age of the youngest family member. Most children over age six are assigned a roommate of a similar age in a cabin near their parents. Adults attending on their own will generally be assigned a roommate.

You will get your housing assignment when you arrive at camp. If you have requests for particular cabins or types of housing, please list them when you register for camp. You can also log into CDSS Commons after registration to update your information at any time. Housing choices are limited! We do our best to fulfill requests but can’t promise that you will get your first choice.

If you need disability/medical/access accommodations, please list this clearly on your housing preferences, and email if you have any questions.

Camper Jobs

In the cooperative spirit of camp life, all campers have a daily job to help make camp run smoothly. 

  • Jobs are usually 30 minutes or less per day, every day, and the same job all week.
  • You will get your job assignment when you arrive at camp.

If you have any preferences or limitations (e.g. getting up early or staying up late, dust allergy, unable to lift heavy objects), please list them when you register for camp. You can also log into CDSS Commons after registration to update your information at any time. We can’t guarantee that all specific job requests will be filled.

At Family Weeks, children ages 6-12 may be given a job to share with an adult family member. Children under 6 are not assigned jobs.

Types of Camper Jobs

Dining Hall and Kitchen
  • Campers help with setting and clearing tables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Other kitchen jobs can include serving food, making tea and coffee, and washing dishes after meals
  • The dance pavilions and other camp spaces need regular sweeping to keep them clean and ready for dancing
Snacks and tea
  • Some of our camp weeks have a snack or teatime scheduled in addition to the main meals
  • Campers help with setup and tidying up afterwards, food preparation, and making teas
Parties and events
  • Some campers will be asked to help out with setting up and tidying away for parties, auctions, and other camp events
  • Helping with the late-night parties can be a great job for people who like to stay up late, but there are also daytime events that need help
  • The CDSS office staff sometimes need help with clerical work, which can include folding or stapling papers, helping with paperwork at fundraising auctions, or working in the CDSS Bookstore
  • Some sessions will have a camper job to coordinate mealtime announcements, or to help update schedules with any changes during the week
Greeters and tour guides
  • We’ll ask a few campers to arrive early to be ready to welcome everyone else and give directions to new people


The Pinewoods kitchen provides us with three delicious meals each day, from dinner on the first evening to breakfast on the day of departure. For many people, the food is a much-loved part of the Pinewoods experience, and one of the many reasons to keep coming back. Pinewoods also has a camp store where a selection of snacks can be purchased 24/7.

The camp kitchen can accommodate many special diets, but we need to communicate your needs to kitchen staff in advance. Some people with particularly restrictive diets may need to bring some of their own food. Email us at if you have any questions about food at camp. Please tell us about your dietary needs when you register for camp. You can also log into CDSS Commons after registration to update your information at any time.

While you certainly won’t go hungry on the food provided by the Pinewoods kitchen, you may wish to bring snacks for between meals, or food to share for parties.

Special Diets

Although the Pinewoods kitchen makes an effort to list potential allergens, neither CDSS nor Pinewoods can accept responsibility for notifying you of the presence of potential allergens in the food. All meals with a meat entrée have a vegetarian entrée for vegetarians, but we need to know in advance if you’re vegetarian so they can prepare the right amounts. In addition, most of the following is available to all at each meal:

  • raw vegetables and salad
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • plain tuna fish
  • bread
  • cottage cheese
  • plain yogurt
  • rice cakes
  • plain chicken
  • plain tofu
  • cold cuts
  • fruit

If you have allergies or any other dietary restrictions, please let us know so we can make sure the kitchen is ready to feed you.

  • At least two weeks before camp: log on at CDSS Commons and, under “Your camp registrations”, edit your preferences. If you are unable to login, please email with the information
  • If you have more severe allergies or restrictions, you may also wish to call the Pinewoods kitchen 2-3 weeks before you go to camp. The phone number is (508) 224-4020, and the best time to call is 9-11am or 2-4pm.
  • Before and after dinner on the first night: check-in with the dining hall manager or one of the cooks.
  • At any meal: ask about specific dishes if you have any doubts.

If Pinewoods cannot serve all your needs, you may be asked to supplement with your own food. While there is no food preparation space available for campers in the main kitchen, there are refrigerators and kitchens for camper use elsewhere in camp.

What to pack

Here are a few suggestions for what you might want to bring with you to camp, and what you might want to leave at home.

Camp Essentials

  • Clothing
    • Bring enough clothes for the whole week; there are no laundry facilities at camp
    • Bring dance clothes, but make sure you’re prepared for colder weather or rain as well
  • Shoes
    • Dance shoes
    • Trail or hiking shoes are a good idea for the uneven woodland paths
  • Towels
    • Bring more than one!
    • Towels can be rented from the camp for a small fee
  • Flashlight – the paths at camp are not lit
  • Swimwear
  • Toiletries, sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Bedding
    • Pinewoods provides a pillow but you need to bring your own sheets and blankets
    • Bedding can be rented from the camp for a small fee
You may wish to bring:
  • Fan
  • Musical Instruments
    • Tunes, songs, dances, and stories to share
  • Snacks and food to share for parties
    • Icebox/cooler
  • Auction donations and ideas for services
  • Food (if on a special diet)
  • Fancy dress or costumes
  • Bug spray
Please leave at home:
  • Computers
  • Electronic games
  • Recorded music
  • Scented products (deodorant, shampoo, etc.) – click here for more information about Pinewoods’ Fragrance-Free policy
  • All the cares and worries of home and work

More details

The CDSS Bookstore

CDSS runs a bookstore at Pinewoods, stocking many of the excellent music and dance books, CDs, and more. The bookstore has stock from the CDSS store as well as books and recordings brought by the program staff for the week.

Mail, Phone, and Internet Service

Though there is coverage for most cell services, we ask that laptops and cell phones be kept out of the awareness of other campers. Even if you can’t, others want to enjoy this time away from the reminders of work-a-day living.

There is a covered picnic table with wifi and, for short times, campers can use a small booth with connection via ethernet cable. There is no access to a printer.

We sort messages received for campers into cubbies and post campers’ names on a message board. Email to a camper can be sent to and will be printed out and left with the message board. Our computer is not available to campers. Incoming calls for campers can come to (508) 224-3480 (CDSS office), and the messages will be posted.

USPS delivers letters to camp, but not parcels. UPS and FedEx both deliver parcels to camp. Mail or packages should be addressed to you c/o CDSS at Pinewoods Camp, 80 Cornish Field Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360. You can use this to send bedding and other baggage ahead via UPS or FedEx. UPS and FedEx can also collect from camp, but you need to arrange collection and pay for postage in advance.


CDSS holds auctions and other fundraising activities at all of our camps to raise money for camp scholarships and other special projects. Depending on the week, there may be a live auction, a silent auction, or both. These can be great fun, and an opportunity to pick up some exciting items at the same time as supporting CDSS.

Please consider bringing an auction idea or item if you have something that you could imagine yourself bidding on. Auctions can be for services as well, previous popular auction services have included canoe rides, serenades, massages, breakfast in bed, bedtime stories, etc. Items related to dance, music or song; hand-made or special clothes, crafts or art works; or humorous pieces are appropriate.

Remember, we need buyers as well as items to make the auction work; rather than purchasing an item to donate, bring that money to spend at the auction!

Please bring your auction items or services to the office when you arrive at camp.

According to IRS guidelines on the deductibility of items sold at fund-raising auctions, the donor may deduct the value of the item donated and the buyer may deduct the amount paid that is above the value of the item. CDSS is not able to provide appraisals of items or services.

The Pinewoods Camp Store

Pinewoods has a Camp Store open 24 hours a day, which sells a variety of snacks, soft drinks (including cold brew coffee!) and useful items such as flashlights and batteries. They also have a limited range of medical supplies such as acetaminophen.

First Aid & Water Safety

For many people, the ponds are as much a part of the magical Pinewoods experience as the music and dance are!

For your water safety, a lifeguard is on duty on the Long Pond dock for two hour-long periods each day. Canoes are available for your use. Please read the posted regulations and talk to the lifeguard if you have any questions.

All our sessions have a designated first-aider. The camp first aid room has basic medical supplies, and a limited number of over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen are available for purchase from the camp store.