“Take the leap, it will change your life in ways you could never imagine.”

Matt Reyna

July 29 – August 5, 2023 // Plymouth, MA

For singers who love to dance and dancers who love to sing

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A singing class in the pond

Program Description

Harmony of Song & Dance offers an incredible diversity of music and dance experiences. The days are packed with learning opportunities but set in an atmosphere of great conviviality. 

The day begins with the all-camp chorale, a powerful harmony singing experience involving a combination of learning by ear as well as written music. Different staff lead the camp through a wide ranging repertoire of rousing and inspiring harmony singing, accommodating all forms and levels of experience. This is followed by a period dedicated to dancing, again with something for everyone – a class specifically for those with little to no dance experience as well as more challenging classes in contra and English with the finest in dance music and dance instruction.

The afternoon program offers shorter workshops on a range of themes in traditional singing, harmony singing, instrumental playing, English ritual dancing and more social dancing. In the evening, there are inspiring staff concerts, followed by a full dance program of both English country and contra dance.

Dancers waltzing around the dance floor

Instrumental jam sessions and rollicking pub sings set in the incomparable peace and beauty of Pinewoods make this week a haven for lovers of both song and dance.

Teachers: One graduate credit is available through the Kodály Music Institute.

Registration and Fees

You can find more information about the registration process here. If you need financial assistance in order to attend, please go to our scholarships page.

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