Aaron MarcusAaron Marcus (they/them) is best-known throughout the country for their performances with Frost & Fire, Giant Robot Dance, and The Turning Stile. But Aaron also brings exuberant energy, danceability, subtle lyricism, deep emotion, and spontaneity to any band arrangement, whether an accompanist on piano or clogging while playing tunes on concertina. Aaron’s brand new pandemic album, Garden Dreams, is filled with original danceable piano works underlying their partner Sam Sanders’ spoken-word poetry by local authors, has already been described as “Artful, touching, good grief of the best kind. “And Aaron’s award-winning solo album from 2018, “Men Don’t Cry,” is a soothing listen with its instrumental dance-inspired works.

You can find them playing for English, contra, and Scottish dances and occasionally teaching step dancing. When not dancing (and sometimes while dancing!), Aaron works as an endangered-species botanist in Vermont, and will delightedly share about all the cool plants of Pinewoods.