Christa’s expressive, supple voice is compelling—a Celtic singer to satisfy the purist, and those who prefer a modern take on the tradition. Her bodhrán drives the groove in concert halls and on dance floors across America. Christa tours and teaches primarily with ‘chamber folk’ band, the Syncopaths, lifting listeners’ voices, feet, and hearts in harmony and rhythm. She has taught at Lark Camp, BACDS American Week, and many contra dance festivals and weekends; and has sung and drummed with keepers of the tradition such as Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser; Irish super-group, The David Munnelly Band; nouveau-Celtic band Blackwaterside; erstwhile a capella duet Lintie; and former dynamic, acoustic Celtic trio, Molly’s Revenge.  In The Syncopaths, her powerful bodhrán playing cracks and thunders into the hearts of dancers with a pulse that carries the band. And her voice emerges like a rainbow after the storm.