Jacqueline Schwab

Jacqueline Schwab is excited to return to English Week! From the soundtracks of Ken Burns’s Grammy award-winning Civil War, Baseball, Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin and many other PBS documentaries, to the White House, to the 2021 PBS American Roots special with the American Pops Orchestra, pianist Jacqueline Schwab has evoked the American musical past, but in a fresh, personal way. She spins musical stories, connecting listeners to the many strands woven into our American musical quilt. Pinewoods has strongly influenced Jacqueline’s music making, starting with her first camper year in 1971. She is well known in the traditional dance world for her groundbreaking playing with the Bare Necessities English quartet and others. She was an English dance leader for decades, and she continues to encourage dance musician students to play with lilt, ease and passion. She has performed Celtic and vintage American music in almost every state of the Union and has released five solo recordings, including her newly-released album I Lift My Lamp—Illuminations from Immigrant America.