Margaret Bary, a lifelong dancer and dance educator based in NYC, teaches English country dance at CDNY and other dance communities in the region. Margaret founded an annual family folk dance at her school, and calls community dances at a variety of local venues. She is active on the steering committee of Pourparler, a national gathering of folk dance teachers. Margaret served as Program Director of CDSS Campers’ Week from 2014-2016, where she taught rapper and longsword, and led dances for all ages. As a member of Half Moon Sword, she hosts the NY English Sword Dance Festival, and performs locally, as well as at NEFFA, the Marlboro Ale and DART. An avid English country and contra dancer, Margaret has a background in modern dance, holds an MFA in dance from Sarah Lawrence, and is a Certified Movement Analyst. She is a Dance Specialist and the Performing Arts Chair at Brooklyn Friends School where she incorporates folk and sword dance into an innovative curriculum that includes body awareness, improvisation and composition. Underlying all of her work with children and adults, Margaret believes that participatory dance experiences foster joy and self-expression, and bring us together as a community.