Tom Roby has been teaching English dancing since undergraduate days, and is well-known as an ECD leader on both coasts. Currently he is one of the three main callers for CDS Boston Centre (calling regularly with Bare Necessities and Friends), and maintains a busy schedule teaching at special events, dance camps, and weekends. Credits include Pinewoods, Mainewoods, LCFD (gender-free), NEFFA, BACDS, Cascadia (Seattle), etc. For five years he taught an intro ECD course, “Dance with Jane Austen” for first-year students at UConn.

Tom works hard to foster community, communicating the skills needed to dance better and to assist others gracefully, and helping everyone appreciate the amazing diversity of styles and music represented by ECD’s 373-year history. Dancers at all levels appreciate his lively and efficient teaching, clarity, and sense of humor. His dance choreography, “Sunlight through Draperies”, is well-known across many ECD communities.

Tom is also an accomplished leader and teacher of Balkan folk dances and of couple dances from Transylvania and Scandinavia. He frequently teaches the lesson for Mostly Waltz for Boston.