“It’s a soul-nourishing reminder of the power of music and dance to connect people and bring joy.”

–Ellen Saltonstall

Online events July 20 – July 24!

Bring your whole family tree to these woods

Unfortunately, Family Week at Pinewoods 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. But you can join us online instead! We’re excited to be partnering with Revels DC to bring you a series of virtual camp gatherings every day at 12 noon (EDT) from Monday July 20th to Friday July 24th. These gatherings will feature many of our amazing and talented Family Week at Pinewoods staff. Every day we’ll start with a participatory song or two, followed by an eclectic mix of performance and participation pieces. This will be a super fun event for all ages! Please join us with your whole family! The event will also be posted in our Family Week at Pinewoods Facebook group. You can email camp@cdss.org if you have any questions about our online camp events.

Family Week at Pinewoods 2021 will take place July 17-24 – see you back at camp!

Children performing a longsword dance