August 11-17, 2024 // Agassiz Village, Poland, ME

led by Max Newman

During Family Week at Agassiz Village

*Happy April! This intensive course unfortunately isn’t real, but Family Week at Agassiz Village is very real, and we’d love to see you there!

Program Description

Come experience the cool pleasures of air guitar at our newest camp location!

This innovative approach is making waves in folk circles. Here’s your chance to get in on the action.

We’ll look at the basics of performative tunin’, scale wailin’, stank facin’, mellow groove strummin’, and wiggly finger noodlin’.

Time during second period will be spent on ensemble work, including shaping chords the “right way,” taking age-appropriate solos, and coordinating with air bassists and air drummers.

Course Details and Participation Requirements

Prior air guitar experience helpful, but not necessary. Air guitars of all kinds welcome: acoustic, electric, 12-string, 7-string, old-timey harp guitars, and even ukuleles. (Electric players must provide their own air amplifiers set to an appropriate volume.)

Course Leader

Max Newman Air Guitar Photo By Teddy Snyder Newman

Max Newman has made a living as a practitioner of traditional music for the past decade and half. He has developed a reputation as a favorite amongst dance musicians and dancers across North America and the UK. With a keen interest in New England music and dance, Max has graced many a dance hall playing with luminaries of the style. His primary project is The Stringrays, a veritable supergroup headed by New England fiddle legend Rodney Miller with Stuart Kenney, Sam Bartlett, and Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg.

In addition to making music, Max has been involved with organizing several events with a focus on intergenerational participation, including Youth Dance Weekend, a camp dedicated to developing leadership among the next generation of contra and English participants. He worked for CDSS as the Youth Projects Intern, leading workshops and developing materials for dance organizers, callers, and musicians.

Photo by Teddy Snyder-Newman.