Meet David Cantieni: Primarily playing Irish style wooden flute, but also known for performances on the Breton bombard, oboe, sax, and whistle, he has been inciting people to dance for close to four decades. David switched to playing dance music from Bach and Stravinsky on oboe (music which he still adores) after developing a passion for the traditional New England dance- contra dancing. The love of music and dance infuses all of David’s many activities which might include performing with the well known bands Swallowtail and Wild Asparagus or leading a parade of costumed campers at family dance camp. Over the past two decades David has produced numerous new tunes which may be heard any time Wild Asparagus performs and a compilation of his tunes is in the works. He has been leading workshops and teaching for years and his appearances include Irish Week at Swannanoa Gathering, Northern Week at Ashokan, Heritage Arts Workshops in Elkins West Virginia, Pinewoods, Buffalo Gap.