One of the joys of being at camp is being fully present as you experience all the session has to offer, whether it’s an evening dance with your new favorite band, a skit at Gathering, a conversation at lunch, or just a walk or a swim in a beautiful setting. We hope that more often than not, you will leave your phones and other devices in your cabins and enjoy the shared experience of a week at camp.

However, we know that you want to capture the images and memories of being at camp,  whether it’s a video of a performance to share with someone who couldn’t be there, a recording of a tune, dance, or song to learn later, or CDSS staff or representatives taking photos to use in future camp marketing.

Recording/Photography Guidelines

  • Your session’s Program Director or Operations Manager will make an announcement about photography at the beginning of camp. If you don’t want your/your child’s photo taken, please raise your hand during this announcement so that any photographers at camp know not to photograph you.
  • Some photos taken at camp are used in future camp publicity, including in mailed brochures and on the CDSS website and social media. If you don’t want photos of you/your child used for these purposes, please email
  • If you want to do audio or video recording of a class or workshop, you must get permission from the instructors, callers, and musicians prior to recording.
    • Permission to record does not mean consent to share on social media. Ask whoever you are recording before sharing on Facebook, YouTube, etc. 
  • General photography of camp parties and evening dances is permitted as long as you respect the wishes of participants and performers who do not want to be recorded.