Meg Dedolph

Meg Dedolph spent her teenage years working as a Girl Scout camp counselor, completely unaware that it was a job that grownups could have too. Since leading kids in Baby Shark (before it was cool), she found folk and traditional music. Now she plays guitar and drums for the Cosmic Otters and is a Chicago-area dance caller, appearing at regular contra dances and once-in-a-while church harvest festivals. She and her family run an all-ages dance series in the Chicago suburbs, now in its third year, dance on the city’s only Morris team and organize a kids’ longsword team. Once a week, you can find her teaching parent-child music classes for the Old Town School of Folk Music’s Wiggleworms program. At camp this year, she’ll be working with the youngest children, teaching music, playparty games and dances; leading community dances and showing people how to fix holes in their clothes with flair and style.