August 3-10, 2024 // Plymouth, MA

Featuring the dances of Pat Tracey taught by Laurel Swift

During English Dance Week at Pinewoods

Program Description

Join us for an opportunity to dive into the details of style and sound in English clog dancing.  We’ll focus on listening to and controlling the sound and rhythms our feet are creating. We will learn new repertoire from Pat Tracey’s intermediate and advanced dances, look at the intricacies of successful choreography and performance for clog, and there will be opportunities to swap steps with other participants. Private practice time is built into the schedule, with boards around camp to use. 

Course Details and Participation Requirements

Participation is limited to 15.

The class will meet for two class periods each day. The first class period will be spent learning a Pat Tracey hornpipe or waltz clog. The second class period will be masterclass on style and sound. Students will bring a dance to work on and have an opportunity to work through the steps to improve their skills. 

Participants are also encouraged to swap steps and work on dances together for an informal performance at the end of the camp week.

Course Leader

Laurel Swift is a fiddler, singer, dancer, and an inspiring instigator of creative new projects and performances rooted in the folk arts. Laurel performs on double bass and clogs with her band Gadarene and plays fiddle with ceilidh band The Gloworms.

Laurel has choreographed and devised national touring dance productions for Morris Offspring, co-created and performed Under Her Skin with Debs Newbold, advised theatre and film companies on using folk music and dance material, performed and taught at festivals in the UK and America, founded an organization to develop youth folk arts projects, teaches and contributes to education projects in the UK. Since arriving in the USA last year she has somehow managed to perform in both Revels Boston and Revels North, play for a bunch of exhilarating ceilidhs and teach fiddle, song, morris and clogs at camps and local events!


This year we are using a sliding scale model to make this course accessible to more people. The sliding scale fee you choose will not affect your chance of getting into the course.

Full fee$1,080Covers all tuition, room, and board costs, so that we can pay our program staff and the wonderful facility we use. If you can afford to pay the full price, thanks for helping us make camp sustainable.
Low-income rates$810-$945For those who can’t afford full price. If these scaled down options still leave camp out of reach for you, we want to help you get to camp with additional supporting funds.
Supporter rates$1,350-$1,620For those who can easily afford full price, and more. Your generosity makes this flexible pricing structure work and makes camp more accessible to more people. Thanks for supporting this community!

If the course is oversubscribed on March 18, there will be a lottery with some preference given to applicants supported by their local community. Strong indicators of that support are our Affiliate priority and matching scholarship processes, where a CDSS Affiliate vouches for a participant and may offer some scholarship, asking CDSS to match that amount. This is a statement by people who know the individual, that the person is deserving of assistance and would benefit the local community by attending the course.

To learn more about available scholarships, visit our scholarships page.

To register, please log into the CDSS Commons, or visit our registration page for more information.